Ken Butler

In 2014 Gap Engineering provided DCS Hardware setup and programming, PLC programming and hardware troubleshooting, commissioning and startup on the Tioga ND Hess Gas Plant and the expansion commissioning and startup. Gap’s project scope, which took approximately six months covered programming and hardware setup prior to the six months of commissioning and startup. In addition, Gap was responsible for on-site hardware set-up, commissioning, and responsible for program and hardware changes required during commissioning and startup.

The Total Project loop size was approximate 10,000 DCS Points and 10,000 SIS Points. Gap’s portion of the project was approximately $5 million dollars, which they completed on time and on budget. The timeframe for the commissioning was very aggressive and completed by 10 Gap Engineers per shift, each working 2 12 hour shifts 7 days a week.

Gap was instrumental to the success of the project and completed all the complex program testing, loop checks and programming changes made at Hess’s request in very harsh weather conditions. Gap started the commissioning late November and continued until late March going through the cold North Dakota Winter working through the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The Gap team did whatever it took to complete the work. While the project was primarily schedule-driven once commissioning began, Gap Engineering met the deadlines for commissioning completion, allowing the plant to start-up on the scheduled date. Gap also met the quality and budget requirements by finishing on time to meet the previously projected hours and therefore projected cost, which also saved Hess 4  million dollars a day in contract penalties for gas processing and deliveries.

I highly would recommend Gap for any automation project of similar and larger scope and size.


Ken Butler

Project Manager

Hess North Dakota Tioga Gas Plant Expansion Project

Ken Butler