GAP Engineering

21703 Kingsland Blvd, Suite 103, Katy, TX 77450

Job Description:

I&E Engineer – Coordinate all electrical and instrumentation construction efforts on large petrochemical and refining construction projects by interfacing with the site contractor’s construction resources to design, develop, and install appropriate electronic components, software, products or systems using computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to perform engineering tasks. Analyze system requirements, capacity, cost, and customer needs to determine project feasibility and develop system plan. In addition to this, the I&E Engineer will also evaluate operational systems, prototypes, and proposals and recommend repair or design modifications. Responsible for the inspection of completed installations of electronic equipment, instruments, products, and systems and observe operations to ensure conformance to equipment specifications and compliance with operational and safety standard. Prepare documentation on hardware and software specifications, product development and introduction schedules, product costs, and product performance weaknesses. The I&E Engineer will be part of the I&E Engineering Team that will interface with the Technical Lead and the Project Manager. BS in Electrical or Chemical Engineering + 5 years of relevant work experience.

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