1. Interview with Indegy CEO Barak Perelman

    “Interview with Indegy CEO Barak Perelman on VICE News” https://info.indegy.com/video-barak-perelman-interview-vice-news-hbo-lp   “Indegy's CEO Barak Perelman demonstrates the potential damage hackers can cause to unprotected industrial networks.”…Read More

  2. Embracing IoT

    “IoT can be seen as a technology for large companies with big shop floors, lots of sensor-laden equipment and a commercial/operational requirement to be more connected to their supply chain.”   “Q&A interview: embrace IoT and unleash new capabilities“ https://www.theengineer.co.uk/iot-capabilities-value-security/…Read More

  3. IIoT-Ready Technology

    The future success of industry is in the implementation of predictive maintenance and diagnostic technologies. The possibilities are endless. Gap Engineering can help your company make the most of automation and technology.   “IIoT-ready technologies improve machine controls”  https://www.controleng.com/articles/iiot-ready-technologies-improve-machine-controls/…Read More


    Gap Engineering celebrates HMSDC’s 47th year of dedication to small business growth and minority entrepreneurs in the Houston area. From leadership training to marketing strategy, HMSDC inspires minority business owners and teaches them how to go beyond what seemed possible. As a successful minority owned and operated business, Gap Engineering is a shining example of what can happen when you bri…Read More

  5. Automation In American Industry

    What can a company get out of automation? It all depends on how the company invests its resources to increase efficiency and profits for their future. Some companies understand the need to keep hardware and software up-to-date but may not consider the returns and benefits of a comprehensive system built to deliver efficiency for the long term. Once installed automation systems must be maintained i…Read More

  6. Network Security

    Is your business network secure? Knowing how to protect your network and company's data is crucial. Here is a very informative article that can help you get started. https://www.networkcomputing.com/network-security/spotting-network-vulnerabilities-hackers-do/149552485…Read More