1. Gap Engineering: Automation Consulting, Design, and Contracting

    Gap Engineering: Automation Consulting, Design, and Contracting Gap Engineering’s highly experienced team of engineers help to make the transition to automation easy. We integrate the best technologies into your facility to help you make the most of your business. We have thorough consultations with our clients to design a specialized system to improve all aspects of their process. Project manag…Read More

  2. We are industrial automation

    Gap Engineering. We are industrial automation. At Gap Engineering, we handle automation projects of all kinds. Contact us today for more details on how we can increase the efficiency of your facility to improve safety and deliver higher profits. Read more about finding the right main automation contractor to streamline your business. “A method to avoid the madness: Automation experts add product…Read More

  3. Three phases of industrial digital transformation

    “Three phases of industrial digital transformation” https://www.plantengineering.com/articles/three-phases-of-industrial-digital-transformation/ “The goal is no longer about just automating the movement of physical product, but fully automating the data as well. This requires moving from manual, human-generated information workflows to a more real-time process. Digital transformation is abou…Read More

  4. Gap Engineering – We can help you get it done

    Projects Done Right Gap Engineering handles every detail, from start to finish, to make your projects easy and less time consuming. Our clients know they will get exactly what they paid for, without any surprises. Using our well-developed tool kit, we integrate and simplify programmable control systems. We combine industrial systems with advances in automation to provide a smarter, more efficient …Read More

  5. Benefits of AI and machine learning for automation safety systems

    https://www.controleng.com/articles/benefits-of-ai-and-machine-learning-for-automation-safety-systems/ Investments in AI research are increasing globally. The ability for a computer to adapt to new situations while learning from past incidents advances so many opportunities for technological innovation. Automation and control systems, as well as those people working with them, benefit from the add…Read More

  6. “Automation needs to be easy to use” 

    https://www.controleng.com/articles/automation-needs-to-be-easy-to-use/   “A successful automation product does not have to create a sea-change to have a large impact; it can be as simple as connecting a device—such as a smartphone or tablet—to plant equipment in an easy and secure manner.” Gap Engineering adheres to the ideal that automation should be easy. The most effective version…Read More

  7. The Hommas

    The powerhouse couple behind Gap Engineering’s success Mike and Mary Homma manage automation and construction projects that set them apart from the competition. With decades of experience, Gap Engineering is innovating industry across the United States by filling in the gaps, enabling companies to grow and build a safer future.             As a family business, Gap Engineering is dedi…Read More

  8. Interview with Indegy CEO Barak Perelman

    “Interview with Indegy CEO Barak Perelman on VICE News” https://info.indegy.com/video-barak-perelman-interview-vice-news-hbo-lp   “Indegy's CEO Barak Perelman demonstrates the potential damage hackers can cause to unprotected industrial networks.”…Read More

  9. Embracing IoT

    “IoT can be seen as a technology for large companies with big shop floors, lots of sensor-laden equipment and a commercial/operational requirement to be more connected to their supply chain.”   “Q&A interview: embrace IoT and unleash new capabilities“ https://www.theengineer.co.uk/iot-capabilities-value-security/…Read More

  10. IIoT-Ready Technology

    The future success of industry is in the implementation of predictive maintenance and diagnostic technologies. The possibilities are endless. Gap Engineering can help your company make the most of automation and technology.   “IIoT-ready technologies improve machine controls”  https://www.controleng.com/articles/iiot-ready-technologies-improve-machine-controls/…Read More